Being, Doing, Becoming: The Heroic Flaw and the Heroic Journey: A Workshop by Alicia Rasley

Sincadmin/ April 10, 2021/ News, SINC Blog

Nature abhors perfection– and so does the story.Fiction, like nature, is all about change. So in a story, heroism requires more than being perfectly heroic, and even more than committing heroic acts. It also requires the ability to change under pressure, to grow into someone better even if it hurts.In the same way, creating a heroic character requires more of

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Press Release – Agatha Party & Terry Antoniewicz

Sincadmin/ September 15, 2019/ News, Press Releases, SINC Blog

Sisters in Crime/Central Jersey P.O. Box 274, Jamesburg, NJ 08831-0274 Publicity Contact: Sept. 13, 2019 Eileen Watkins (609) 395-6851 THE CRIMINAL MIND: KILLER HANDWRITING Handwriting analyst Terry Antoniewicz will explain how a person’s handwriting can reveal “criminal tendencies” during the Sept. 28 meeting of Sisters in Crime/Central Jersey at the Jamesburg Senior Center, 139 Stevens Ave., Jamesburg. Her free

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