September 24th In-Person Meeting

Please join us on Saturday, September 24th for an in-person event celebrating our favorite authors’ birthdays! See flyer below for details.

Robyn Gigl – Saturday, July 23rd

In this Saturday’s upcoming meeting, we will have Robyn Gigl speak in a talk titled “Real Life Lessons from a Fictional Lawyer.”  Robyn, who like her main character, is a transgender woman, will discuss how, at the ripe young age of 66, she sold her first novel and how her legal career and personal journey have informed her novels. She

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Authors and Artists Day – June 25, 2022

SinCCJ Recap: Authors & Artists Day: A meeting of creative minds took place June 25 at the Jamesburg Senior Center, when Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey held its first “Authors & Artists Day” in cooperation with the Monroe Township Cultural Arts Commission.  The event featured readings and signings by SinCCJ mystery authors and a mini-gallery that showcased works by visual artists

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Author Ann Charles to Speak

The April 23 meeting of Sisters in Crime Central Jersey will welcome (by Zoom) author Ann Charles of Seattle, Wash., who seasons her mysteries with adventure, comedy, romance and suspense. She writes the Deadwood Mystery Series, the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series, the Dig Site Mystery Series, the Deadwood Undertaker Series (with her husband, Sam Lucky), and the AC Silly Circus Mystery Series. Her Deadwood Mystery Series has won multiple national awards, including the Daphne du Maurier for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. Ann studied creative writing at the

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William Gensburger Visit

William Gensburger is the award-winning, author of several books, including his bestselling mystery novel, TEXAS DEAD, and its sequel ANGLE OF DEATH. Pri- or works include DISTANT RUMORS, a critically acclaimed anthology of 16 sto- ries about life and death, and HOMO IDIOTUS, a collection of previously pub- lished editorials on the eccentricities of society. He is currently finishing THE

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W.L. Hawkin to Speak at February 26th Meeting

W. L. Hawkin writes “edgy urban fantasy with a twist of murder” from her loft near Vancouver, B.C.  Her novels—To Charm a Killer, To Sleep with Stones, To Render a Raven, and To Kill a King each stand alone but form the Hollystone Mysteries series. This coven of West Coast witches, and their eccentric friends, solve murders using ritual magic and a little help from the

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Terry Shepherd

Terry Shepherd will present to Sisters in Crime – Central Jersey on Jan 22, 2022 at 11 a.m. A zoom link will be mailed out on Friday Jan 21, 2022. If you would like to join us, please email Linda Rawlins at – We would love to see you! Happy Writing! Terry Shepherd, based in Florida, writes detective fiction

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